26 MAY Invasion of Angeles The Television Series

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Our aliens will have the following characteristics:


In general, they are aliens who are stuck on our planet, sort of stranded here until they can fix their ship and depart.  While they aren’t here in a malicious mission, in order to protect themselves and hide from our military, they have had to harm humans.


Not all aliens, however, want to leave earth.  A small but growing faction like it here, and wants to stay and basically take over the planet.  A civil war is possibly on the horizon, something that will be exploited as seasons progress.


They are able to shape shift- or rather, they project a hologram around themselves so they present at humans, fooling us with chemical/scent excretions that when we touch them, we are touching a human.  They can really take any form they want.  Often, they present as seductive women, in order to lure men or keep them unsuspecting.  But when they fight, they present as men.


However, in sunlight, the aliens can’t present as their native form- if they do, they take in too much radiation and it kills them.  They have a sort of self-contained ozone layer in the hologram that protects them.  In the dark, their true form can come out- they look like lizard people, and their jaws can nearly unhinge, revealing a huge maw of dagger like teeth.


When fighting, the aliens are incredibly strong, but can only fight for a short period of time (relatively) before weakening.  It takes a lot of energy to maintain their human forms. The aliens don’t really get pleasure from sex, but are aroused by the fear they sense in their prey.  It increases their powers.  A key to fighting them is to fight with one’s emotions in check.


The aliens get their energy from the sun; they like consistent heat, which is why they are in the Philippines.  They are carnivores, and prefer soft, internal organs.  The alien society is highly structured.  The drone/worker aliens are the ones that try to keep order- make sure that if anyone finds out about the aliens, they are taken care of.  At the top resides the queen.  The aliens pass messages to each other through chemical touch- just a little bit of contact and the can relay orders, etc, to each other.


The aliens can also take over the human mind.  In order to do this, they have to have more than just skin to skin contact.  They send a specific chemical into the human body, through saliva or blood, that then takes over that person’s brain.  Then the aliens can control that person through chemical touch.  The person still exists during the alien take over, this is not a zombie like infection.  In fact, a few people have been able to over through the effects of the alien take over and get free, but that’s very rare.





• Allergic to titanium

• Afraid of fire

• Faint if step on tails

• Have a soft spot on the back of their heads

• Fearfull blooded humans (interesting)

• Keen sense of hearing, so prefer things to be quiet

• Don’t like being touched when they are in their regular form


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Kung Fu Brother/TriCoast Ent

Martial Arts Thriller Delivers Non Stop Hilarity with a Wicked Dose of Kung Fu Fever

Culver City, CA – May 11, 2016 –


Shot entirely on location in Thailand and the Philippines, KUNG FU BROTHER is an action packed, comedy thriller that profiles the mysterious complexities of ancestral Japanese assassins.  KUNG FU BROTHER follows a series of bizarre murders occurring in the pursuit to acquire the Kuji Denjo Scrolls.  These sacred scrolls are part of a legacy of an ancient civilization known as the Weirding Clan.

KUNG-FU BROTHER is flavored with multi-racial characters that come together in the common pursuit of a murderer on a deadly mission to acquire the sacred scrolls.  Three cops and a no-nonsense female reporter find themselves bound by distrust, suspicion, love, hate… and a pair of handcuffs.  A strange romance unfolds among an array of murders, a lush setting and a psychological jolt.


Bey Logan, Producer, ‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny’ calls KUNG-FU BROTHER“Fast, fun Kung Fu comedy by one of the true unsung heroes of the genre.  (writer/director) Marcus gave new meaning to the phrase ‘by any means necessary’ when he stretched his shoestring budget to two countries and 90 minutes, and then used it to tie the bow on a martial arts mini-masterpiece. Don’t miss it!”


KUNG-FU BROTHER stars James Huang, Rona Lee Par, Ron Hall, Fred Ochs and Michael Wilson.  Writer/Director Marcus Aurelius taps into the soul of independent films, highlighting the issue of diversity – at times, the lack thereof – in Hollywood.  “I’ve been able to gain a foothold in shedding light on the lack of diversity in the film industry, simply by creating my own opportunity,” Aurelius offers. “You think diversity in Hollywood is tough? Try producing a small urban indie film in two different countries with two different languages!”   Aurelius is currently tapped by Joseph Collins to write, produce and direct 13 episodes of an action/horror/comedy TV series to be shot entirely in Thailand and the Philippines again.  Principle photography is set to begin this fall, with a 2017 delivery for the Punch TV Network.



KUNG-FU BROTHER debuted at the Action On Film International Film Festival where it took home the Action Film of the Year Award and won Runner Up for the Best Director Award.


KUNG-FU BROTHER premieres May 12 on DirectTV, In Demand, Dish TV, Amazon, Vudu, Google Play and Hoopla, iTunes, Sony Playstation andMicrosoft Xbox.


Video Link: http://player.vimeo.com/video/106997414

Watch the Trailer here: http://bit.ly/KungFuBrotherTrailer

Facebook: http://bit.ly/KungFuBrother

Twitter: @KungFuBrother

Instagram: @KungFuBrotherfilm2016

Media Contact

Company Name: TriCoast Entertainment

Contact Person: Maggi Simpson

Email: Send Email

Phone: 3104587707

Country: United States

Website: http://www.tricoastworldwide.com


09 MAY TriCoast UK unleashes action comedy double-bill on VOD May 16

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Marcus Aurelius’ combat comedy KUNG FU BROTHER kicks its way into UK as three cops and a female reporter go in hot pursuit of an assassin whose quest is to acquire the Sacred Kuji Denjo Scrolls. As the team traverses across the globe in this perilous adventure, they can’t seem to avoid hand-to-hand battles, white-knuckle car chases, sword fights, and explosive gun battles. The crew must find a way to discover the murderer fast enough so they are no longer targets of ancient Thailand’s Weirding Clan. Stars Marcus Aurelius, Elle Bennett, Marcha Daniels and Ron Hall, the actor, director and fight choreographer who also starred in Aurelius’ 2006 Kung Fu movie Almost Related, now regarded by fans as an underrated cult classic.

28 APR J’Adore Magazine

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words By: L. Laura Turner

Because your own strength

is unequal to the task, do

not assume that it is beyond

the powers of man;

but if anything is within

the powers and province of

man, believe that it is within

your own compass also.

—Marcus Aurelius, Roman Emperor

(r. A.D. 161-180)

Marcus Aurelius

What's in a Name:

The film industry is very competitive. Everyone wants to be the next hot producer, director or screenwriter. I admit to such aspirations myself. To be in a position to understand what it takes to not just be in this business, but make it in this business is what makes this article so inspiring. Everyone knows how difficult it can be to make it in Hollywood as an actor, so one can only imagine what it’s like to make it as a director. With that being said, how does a seemingly obscure actor direct a film that gets into the Action on Film 2006 Film Festival at the last minute, literally, and win? Then go on to direct the next major action flick with an A-list cast including a cameo by Jackie Chan and his son, and backed by none other than Bey Logan and The Weinstein Company Asia (Dragon Dynasty)? One would assume he’s the son of someone famous. Nope! His name is Marcus Aurelius. And yes, before you ask, that is his birth name. He may not be a Roman Emperor, but it may be very possible he’s channeling the energy of one.


Moving to L.A. to begin a career in entertainment, Marcus knew that he wanted to do “something” in

the entertainment industry. Born Marcus Aurelius Daniels, this burgeoning film producer was

possessed with an unshakable desire to create without being held by boundaries or restrictions. At

a young age, Marcus was around entertainment. He began frequenting the Capitol Theater in Miami

every day after school from 3 to 11 p.m. where he would sit and just watch films.  Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho “scared him so bad” Marcus says. “I couldn’t wait to get back into the theater the next day to watch more movies.” He was so addicted to film that he worked a deal out with management that he would come in and sweep the floors in exchange for a free pass to watch movies. Mind you, Marcus was only 7 at the time and began acting while in the fifth grade.


He later learned about drama and decided he wanted to give it a try. “I took drama all through junior high and high school. I just had some real extraordinary things happen for me,” Marcus recalls. “I was invited to come to L.A. for the summer and stay with Flip Wilson and I told him I wasn’t sure if my mom was gonna let me go. I handed the phone to my mom and told her it was Flip Wilson. She told me, ‘Boy, stop playin’!’ and hung up the phone. Well, he called back and she answered the phone and realized it was really him.” After a series of events, he was raised by his grandmother, Grace Robinson. She was a very important person in his life. He was then later adopted by Flip. Being raised by the television icon further fueled Marcus’ love for wanting to make movies. When asked where the desire to direct came from, Marcus states, “I just wanted to be


a working actor. I didn’t want to direct. It started out with me just writing a project that could be a vehicle for me as an actor. Then I wrote and developed it and I was searching for a director for it. I had this one guy on board to direct it and at the 11th hour he backed out. So, in order to keep things going, I had to step up and direct it. That turned out to be a blessing for me. ”Marcus wrote, directed, and produced his latest film Almost Related in 2006. “Almost Related is an action packed, erotic comedy thriller that profiles the obscure intricacies of ancestral Japanese assassins,” states the synopsis on IMDb.com. Marcus had no budget for the film and did pretty much every- thing himself. When he finished the film, he took it to the Action in Film 2006 Film Festival. However, his wasn’t submitted like everyone else. Marcus went to the film festival, walked up to the doors and simply told them he had a film he wanted to enter.  Thinking he was just a late entry, they entered his film. The result? Marcus took home an award for 1st Runner Up for Best Director in the process. This feat from an unknown in the industry perked the attention of a very powerful entity–The Weinstein Group Asia(Dragon Dynasty).


Intrigued by the manner in which Marcus Aurelius has made his way through the industry, Bey Logan of The Weinstein Group Asia (Dragon Dynasty) asked Marcus if he could duplicate what he did with Almost Related under one of their new production companies. For those who don’t realize how major that is, The Weinstein Company has released such films as, The Legend of Fong Sai Yuk, The 5 Deadly Venoms, The 36th Chamber of Shaolin, Supercop and An Empress & The Warriors just to name a few. To be a seemingly unknown in the film industry, make high budget films on low budgets and suddenly become aligned with a partner that puts out $33M grossing films, is truly a significant advancement. The upcoming film project is still under development, but Marcus is in talks with the likes of Jackie Chan as well as his son to play parts in the movie. Being shot in China, the movie is sure to be a continuing showcase of Marcus’ passion to create great films.  According to the public relations firm, Executive 1 Media Group,  “Marcus  consistently keeps them scrambling– he makes moves so fast we call it the ‘Aurelius Effect.’” His award-winning film Almost Related has brought him to the attention of Hollywood. So much so, Spike TV has agreed to air a world premier version of Almost Related on their network In the near future.  With all of his accomplishments it is safe to say that action film has a new director and Marcus  Aurelius is his name.  For upcoming news, video clips, and links on Marcus Aurelius, The Weinstein Company Asia (Dragon Dynasty) and Bey Logan subscribe to J’Adore Magazine Online at www.jadoremag.com.


I just wanted to be a

working actor. I didn’t want to direct. It started out with me just writing a project that could be

vehicle for me as an actor.


20 APR Kung Fu Brother

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KUNG-FU BROTHER is an action packed, comedy thriller that profiles the obscure intricacies of ancestral Japanese assassins. “KUNG-FU BROTHER” highlights a series of bizarre murders occurring in the pursuit to acquire the Kuji Denjo Scrolls.


Shot entirely on location in Thailand and the Philippines by writer/director Marcus Aurelius, KUNG-FU BROTHER is an action packed, comedy thriller that profiles the mysterious complexities of ancestral Japanese assassins. KUNG-FU BROTHER follows a series of bizarre murders occurring in the pursuit to acquire the Kuji Denjo Scrolls. These sacred scrolls are part of a legacy of an ancient civilization known as the Weirding Clan.


KUNG-FU BROTHER is flavored with multi-racial characters that come together in the common pursuit of a murderer on a deadly mission to acquire the sacred scrolls.  Three cops and a no-nonsense female reporter find themselves bound by distrust, suspicion, love, hate….and a pair of handcuffs.  A strange romance unfolds among an array of murders, a lush setting and a psychological jolt.


15 APR Invasion of Angeles The Movie

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A mixed martial arts (MMA) team from LA uncovers a sinister alien invasion of our world and has to fight for their survival to tell the world the horrifying news.


Synopsis for 13 part television action-drama project.


Writing Plan - Deep Narrative


The original material for this project is outlined in a planned feature film story blending elements of mixed martial arts and alien invasion of Earth. Subsequently this was a feature film idea. I’ve expanded the scope of that idea into a 13-part TV action-drama show/project.

Although I’ve had several months to explore the film's structure and key scenes, create a suitable vampiric alien, and explore the possibilities of sequels, spin-offs, etc., given the limited time and resources I have to develop this project, I will follow a writing plan which will focus more deeply on dramatic action (than common in many TV shows).


Rather than long winded and elaborate character development and the more recent TV/film fashion of rapid jump-cut editing I propose we will follow the action in a more intimate, close-up and prolonged fly-on-the-wall style, "The Office" that bites, allowing the crew to take advantage of lightweight cameras/smartphones, guerrilla film-making and comparable techniques on a very tight budget. This will save money and allow a more sophisticated approach to developing the scenes with options for the cast and myself (as a producer/director), to ad lib as we work through the scenes with cast/crew contributions during production.


Although this will put more pressure on my crew in production, it could allow a scene, or sequence of action to be followed for a much longer time, filling airtime with an intimacy that will engage the audience in the experience of the key characters, during sex, combat, chase, flight, and the mundane activities leading up to those moments.


In one sense this will strive to be somewhat closer to "24" than other action shows, bringing as much of the story down to just a few days' of action; but, I hope, without the hysterical nonsense of Jack Bauer's daughter wandering down ten alleyways, past twenty working telephones in the hope of being able to call the police about the weird men following her.

None of the scenes and episodes will appear boring! My action-oriented audience will be engage thru the entire show to make for excellent viewing in a single sitting (which is becoming increasingly popular nowadays).

12 APR The Jihadist's Wife

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The Jihadist's Wife is a modern day telling of Romeo and Juliet; however, in place of the Montague's and the Capulet's, we have Islam at odds with Christianity.  In the film, Lestari, an Indonesian Muslim, is engaged, through an arranged marriage, to Mulyo, a Muslim man living in Miami.  However, Mulyo is already in love- with a Jewish woman (and she is pregnant with his child).  Mulyo hires Nathan, a poor African-American man from Miami who is a lapsed Muslim, to escort Lestari while she is in Miami (as per Muslim tradition).  Mulyo has further asked Nathan to somehow discourage Lestari from marrying Mulyo (and thus freeing him to marry his true love).  However, when Nathan and Lestari meet, they fall in love, setting up a the climax of the film; should each person follow their heart, or their tradition?


"The Jihadist's Wife” reveals the human aspects of Islam as well as its relationship with non-Muslim cultures, thus exposing the true enemies of religion: Ignorance and tolerance!  Islam is a very sensitive topic in the West, as well as around the world at this time.  "The Jihadist's Wife” handles the topic with respect, the purpose of the film being to show the human rather than the political sides of Islam's relationship with the West.

05 JAN Harmony Run

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Harmony Run is a 35mm vignette of film about the racially and socially diverse basketball life on the West Coast. A habitual sunny Saturday afternoon at Lincoln Park exhibits a high intensity, outdoor basketball game.


Introduce comradeship, intensity and racial diversity through the voice of MARVIN (40’s), a harmless homeless character who frequents the park. He observes from the sidelines articulating about love, Vietnam, basketball, black power... just about anything that could get anybody’s attention.


Playing in the game are main characters, MEYER (Caucasian, 30’s), and REGGIE (African-American, 30’s). Reggie is loud, athletic, charismatic, and in the face of his mild-mannered, underdog opponent, Meyer.


Meanwhile on the sidelines, players congregate for next game. Sideline trash-talker ANTONIO (African-American, 20’s) controls the next game while newcomer SHORTY (Caucasian, 20’s) proceeds to get bumped from game to game. Also meet the silent, colorful and well-respected OLD SCHOOL (African-American, old).


All of these players are part of a core of locals who day-in and day-out show up to forget about lost dreams, unemployment and life in general. As any regular would attest, these aren’t the publicized Venice courts, but are unique and popular in their own way. The smack talk isn’t as out of control, but definitely customary. The games feature not only athletic brilliance, but also fundamentals the Venice troops lack. A team that works together, albeit, less talent, can beat any loaded squad on any given day of the week. In this particular contest Reggie’s team is stacked with better players (all African-American), however, Meyer’s team, a racially diverse mix of Asian, Mexican, Caucasian and African-American (as well as less talented), rallies to overcome Reggie’s “trash talk” with “team” play.


After several threatening encounters between Reggie and Meyer on the court, off the court, the two are surprisingly best of friends.

At the end of the day, the Lincoln Park faithful share daily, weekly and ultimately life-long bonds. Close out as we started out... through the voice of the loquacious, yet profound Marvin.


It’s all Harmony Running at its best.


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