Untitled Action Script Treatment

Untitled Action Script is an Action Comedy that opens in a Museum of Antiquities. Thailand.  A couple of GUARDS react to a triggered alarm in the basement.  They run downstairs. There doesn’t seem to be anyone there.  Then, they notice that one overhead light seems to be out.  They look up, and see several MEN IN BLUE MASKS clinging to the carvings in the ceiling; one of them is blocking an overhead light.  The men drop to the floor in a fighting stance, and a battle ensues.  The guards are good, but the masked attackers are better.  When the smoke clears the guards have been defeated, but left alive.  But a large ornate icon of the Goddess of Time has been stolen.  NICK now lives in Thailand with KAREN.  He has been asked by NATHAN to help investigate the break ins, as this theft is another in a series of museum thefts, all stealing sacred Icons.  He and Nathan check look for clues.  Not a trace.  As for Karen, well, she’s been assigned the Asian desk of her network.  She has rediscovered her love for Thailand and all of its cultural wonders.  She shows up on the scene with a news-gathering crew.  Her career is nurtured by the NETWORK BUREAU CHIEF, who seems to have the hots for her.  Nick observes the Bureau Chief observing her.  He intimidates the Chief, who backs off flirting with Karen--while trying to preserve dignity.

As Karen packs up, a CRAZY OLD MAN hobbles up to her.  He says to her, “You must come with me.  You are Yin, you must blend with Yang.”  She tells him “no,” then backs off, a bit freaked out.  Meanwhile, Nick and Nathan are finishing up. Having come up with precious little in the way of clues, Nathan heads back to his office in the Government Center.  Nick agrees to go over forensics with him there in the morning.

Their day done, Nick and Karen are at home, all set for a romantic interlude, when the phone rings: It’s someone from Thai social services … they have found Karen’s TEENAGE SON.  He’s waiting downstairs.


Karen swears she’s never had a son, but the kid is delivered to her anyway.  The agency was given paperwork that maintains that Karen had had him 16 years earlier.  But she was barely a kid herself 16 years ago, besides, she wasn’t even in the country then!  Nick believes her, of course, but what are they supposed to do with this kid, who, on top of everything else, seems retarded.  All he does is blather nonsense: “one oh oh one one oh oh one oh one one oh oh oh one one oh one …” On and on he goes, just spouting this nonsense.  Unfortunately, until they can get to the bottom of it, Nick and Karen are stuck with the kid.

Next day: Since they are too busy to take care of the kid, they call their old friend BABY in to help.  They bring the kid to her place.  The kid takes one look at the sexy Baby and gets real excited.   “Oh oh oh one oh one one oh oh oh one one oh one,” he says.



Baby has a friend in the state children’s welfare bureaucracy, and suggests they pay him a visit.  Nick agrees to drive since he’ll be meeting Nathan on the top floor of the government building as well.

On the way, Nick is surprised to see a guy on bicycle driving against oncoming traffic.  “Asshole!” Nick snorts.  The bike ride head straight for their open convertible, then leaps into it, trying to wrest control of it.  Another car speeds up along-side.  Nick must fend off the assailant, while struggling for control of his car.  One of the attackers tries to pull the kid into their car, but Nick defeats the attacker in his own car, and pulls the kid back while Karen takes the wheel.  The bad guys take off, but a throwing star strikes Nick’s shoulder, wounding him badly.


Next day, Jack shows up at the airport.  Happy to see his friends, but bitching about the shitty food at the airport.

Clearly, the kid is the key to whatever is going on.  Jack, Nick and Nathan try to find out who kid is, but as the investigation progresses, people attack them.  Fortunately, our guys know how to protect themselves.  They also keep an eye on the kid.  No one is going to kidnap him on their watch!

But then Baby is kidnapped.  Was she the one the attackers were after?  Or is she a bargaining chip?  Jack takes it hard; she means a lot to him.  To make matters more confusing, surveillance photos show that she was taken by men in blue masks… the same ones who have been stealing museum icons. But here, at last there is a break… the getaway car was damaged in escaping, and the license plate was partially photographed.  Between the partial plate and some flakes of automobile paint, our boys have an honest to goodness clue!


Our heroes follow the clues; what they don’t know is they are being trailed by the guys who had attacked them by car earlier.

Karen calls her boss at the network bureau and explains that she needs to take some personal days.  She is surprised when he shows up to lend whatever support he can… “How can I help!?” Karen’s boss asks.   Nick says, “you can help by keeping it in your pants!”  The Boss has also brought a video camera.  “You never know when you’re going to stumble on to a story.” Karen agrees to do her reporting job, but promises Nick that she’ll follow his instructions and stay out of danger.  Or at least try to.

The six of them have traced the kidnappers to an old warrior stronghold, dating back centuries. The place is built of thick stone.  It seems deserted, at first.  Then, suddenly, they are attacked by the Blue Masks.


There is a thrilling fight that ends in a draw.  Then Baby is released by the Blue Mask leader, almost casually.

The leader takes off his Blue Mask, revealing himself to be the apparently Crazy Old Man Karen met at the museum after the theft.  The old man explains that there is a spiritual crisis about to happen on Earth.  And Karen, believe it or not, is the antidote. “What?!?”


The Old Man goes on to explain that everything that has happened to her in the last few days was part of destiny’s plan, it was critical to get her to come to this sanctuary of her own free will.  She is a chosen soul.  Our heroes look at the Old Man with shock and disbelief. The Old Man goes on.  He seems to know a lot about her.  He explains that Karen’s leaving the country as a young girl, her rejection of her people and their traditions, then her return and her new love for the culture of her birth… these things are all part of the plan.   The whole purpose was to get Karen to agree to take her place in the spiritual center of the New Age of Enlightenment.  She is a sort of spiritual ever-ready battery; in a time of world-wide change, a few holy people are required to make sure things stay on the right path.  Her soul force is half of the Yin-Yang energy required to help our planet find its way in this time of looming world wide crisis.    And it is good that she is here with him now… there are some who would use her for their own evil purposes.  Her energy in combination with the Yang energy is a truly powerful thing.  Then the Old Man shows them the sculpture he has assembled of all the Icons he and his monks had stolen from the museums.  It is a symbol of time, space, life and death.


“That is the Yang energy!” says Karen’s Boss.  He pulls out a gun… and the guys who attacked their car enter, and follow his orders.  They force the Old Man, Nick, Jack, Nathan, Baby, and the Kid into a dungeon area, then seal the door.  Then, they take Karen and the Icon statue, and make their getaway.

Our heroes are trapped!  The Old Man says they cannot open the door from inside.  Our three action heroes ignore him, trying death-defying ways out, but its no use.  “Maybe I should call for help on my cell phone,” suggests the Old Man.

Within an hour, everyone is released.


Later.  Our guys have no idea where to go.  No leads.  No clues.  The bureau chief has vanished from his known haunts.  They are screwed.  Through it all, the kid blathers on with his nonsense, ““one oh oh one one oh oh one oh one one…”

“Won’t someone shut him up!?” wails Jack.

“This boy has been sent to you.  What he says is important” says the old man.

“Yeah, right,” scoffs Jack.

Then Nathan slaps himself on the forehead.   “I know what he’s saying.  Ones and O’s… that’s computer code!”


They go back to the police station, and a programmer punches what the kid is saying into the computer.  He discovers a longitude/latitude combination.

Then the kid faints.  When he wakes up, he can speak normally.  He doesn’t remember what has happened around him.

Our guys go to the long/lat coordinates, and with the aid of the old man and his fighters, they face off the bad guys in a climactic battle to rescue Karen.

The good guys win.  Karen is released.  It turns out the Yang energy is not the Icon statue, but the teenage kid.

Karen agrees to join the secret religious group and join the spiritual quest. She shares an emotional goodbye with Nick.  Perhaps they’ll meet again.

But the Bureau chief isn’t dead… he launches one last attack on our guys, but is killed in an appropriately nasty way.

Then Nick and Jack head back to the USA with Baby.  But they’ll be back.  Someday.




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